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Mary’s Pet Food

Mary’s formula for good nutrition is simple…When she and her family eat food that is grown as nature intended, it makes everyone feel good and keeps them healthy. Mary’s name is on these chickens because they are raised the old fashioned way. Healthy for the chickens and for the pets who eat them! Mary’s Free Range poultry grow naturally with plenty of open space on a ranch in sunny California. These animals are raised in a humane manner by allowing them to […]

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Small Batch Pet Food

Small Batch is the raw pet food you’ve been dreaming of.  It’s is a holistic approach to your pet’s nutritional needs. Small Batch strives to only use meats that are free-range, pasture raised and always free of hormones and antibiotics. The produce is 100% certified Organic and the supplements are always pure, organic, and unrefined. No HPP (high pressure pasteurization) always 100% raw, the way nature intended. Available in Chicken, Turkey and Beef, in 3lb bags (sliders) and 6lb bags (patties) at […]

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Grizzly’s NEW Super Food Meals

In Grizzly’s Super Food meals, wild caught, Alaskan salmon is the first and main ingredient of this ultra-premium pet food for dogs and cats. Grain free, gluten free, potato free, and packed with essential amino acids—Grizzly Super Foods is the pinnacle of today’s pet nutrition. This super food meal is ideal for  Diabetic dogs or cats and dogs with Pancreatitis. To learn more about Grizzly’s Super Food meals, visit their website. Available at all 8 Bark! locations.

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Caru Bone Broth

Just like Caru stews, the Bone Broth is cooked in small batches with 100 percent human grade, all-natural, non-genetically engineered (GMO) ingredients and produced in a human grade facility in the United States. It can be served as a tasty between-meal treat, or poured over dry or raw food to enhance its appetite appeal. When your pets get a taste of this savory liquid snack, we’re sure they’ll be thrilled to the marrow! Learn more about Caru’s Stews and bone […]

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