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Bark! is where you can find the latest innovative & healthy products for your dog, cat and small animal. Our goal is to find, research and then provide the latest & healthiest quality natural pet products to our community. We are a dynamic, authentic local business whose mission is to help you restore & maintain optimal health and wellness for your animal companions through a natural & nutritious diet, healthy treat rewards, eco-friendly & safe toys and beneficial supplements. We continually seek products that promote this goal.




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K.C.C. Freeze Dried Treats


K.C.C. freeze dried products are superior in both flavor and nutrients. Freeze drying is a unique process that keeps all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that were original to the product prior to freeze drying. Because freeze drying does not cook the product, it simply extracts moisture; it is still considered a raw diet product without the mess and storage issues. Freeze dried products have a long shelf life and never requires refrigeration. The entire KCC freeze drying and […]

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Look Who’s Happy!


Look Who’s Happy treats are carefully crafted from the purest, most nourishing ingredients. The ingredient lists on our packages read like a “who’s who” of what’s healthy for pets… • Naturally raised meats providing high quality protein • Cage free poultry raised in the USA without hormones* or antibiotics • Garden vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness • Carefully selected fruits rich in powerful antioxidants

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