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KCC-logo2 K.C.C. freeze dried products are superior in both flavor and nutrients. Freeze drying is a unique process that keeps all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that were original to the product prior to freeze drying. Because freeze drying does not cook the product, it simply extracts moisture; it is still considered a raw diet product without the mess and storage issues.

Freeze dried products have a long shelf life and never requires refrigeration.

The entire KCC freeze drying and packaging process is done in house at our state of the art processing facility located right on the farm. Being fully inspected and having the complete processing done here on site allows us to control the product from start to finish.

KCC freeze dried pet treats seals in the all natural flavor, nutrients, color, and pawesomely delicious aromas.

Blue Buffalo’s Basics


BLUE Basics is, simply, a limited-ingredient diet for dogs and cats; a simple diet formulated to minimize the food sensitivities some dogs and cats may have while maximizing the nutritional value they receive. Their high-quality protein is made with easily digestible carbohydrates and a delicate blend of veggies, fruit and micronutrients. Blue Buffalo also uses NO corn, wheat, dairy, soy, or eggs, no chicken (or poultry) by-product meals and, of course, no artificial ingredients of any kind. The BLUE Basics line is also […]

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Open Farm: Certified Humane Pet Food


Open Farm is a family-run business where we know that the best ingredients are grown and raised by farmers who respect the land they call home and the animals under their care.Their farm-to-bowl sourcing is only from the highest quality ingredients from suppliers. The entire farm-to-bowl supply chain is audited and certified by third-party organizations specializing in humane animal care and sustainable farming practices to give you peace of mind. Open Farm works exclusively with family farms that follow humane and […]

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Sojo’s Dog Food


  Sojo’s raw dog food mixes are made from scratch with whole food. It’s homemade, raw dog food, made easy. Offered in a variety of grain-free options in our full line of all-natural pet food. Unlike kibble, Sojos raw pet food contains no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors. Just simple, real ingredients like you’d find in your own kitchen. Sojo’s raw dog food has gluten-free and grain-free options! Combine with water and your own source of meat to […]

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