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Bark! is where you can find the latest innovative & healthy products for your dog, cat and small animal. Our goal is to find, research and then provide the latest & healthiest quality natural pet products to our community. We are a dynamic, authentic local business whose mission is to help you restore & maintain optimal health and wellness for your animal companions through a natural & nutritious diet, healthy treat rewards, eco-friendly & safe toys and beneficial supplements. We continually seek products that promote this goal.

For Dogs

Mutt Nose Best


Mutt Nose Best is a line of natural dog SPAW products handcrafted  in Maine. Their biodegradable formulas are made with the highest grade natural and organic ingredients available. Locally sourced Wild Maine Blueberries, Organic Oats, and Organic Pumpkin keeps our products as local and green as possible. Mutts Nose Best has a shampoo for the itchiest dogs, dirtiest dogs, and smelliest dogs around. They’re Human Tested, Dog Approved, and ALWAYS Cruelty Free.

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For Cats & Small Animals

Poof! Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust


Just as unlimited grass hay and a complete, fortified food (Oxbow Essentials – Chinchilla) provide premium nutrition to help your pet thrive, dust baths are also essential to your chinchilla’s physical and mental wellbeing. The sustainable collection process for Poof! Blue Cloud dust involves no strip mining, explosives, or tunneling. A layer of the dust is left at the harvest location, promoting revegetation of natural plant life. Recycle Blue Cloud dust as a soil additive in your garden.

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