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Why Feed NutriSource?

See the difference between other pet food and NutriSource® is highly digestible for maximum nutrient absorption and each formula is nutritionally complete so more of the concentrated nutrition is retained by your dog. This means you can feed your dog less; as much as two-thirds less than other brands. Compare the NutriSource® price and you’ll see this means your cost per feeding is less than the competition. And by feeding smaller, more easily digestible portions, your dog produces less waste.

NutriSource uses the highest quality, fresh, raw ingredients that are tested upon arrival to ensure that they meet stringent specifications for quality, protein, moisture and ash. The manufacturing plant in Perham, Minnesota, producing ONLY pet food is the only manufacturing facility that produces Tuffy’s, Tuffy’s GOLD, Nutrisource, Natural Planet Organics and Pure Vita branded products. An on-site, fully equipped, wet chemistry lab that constantly monitors and tests products to insure correct formulation, appearance, palatability, aroma, and digestibility. All of NutriSource’s products are made to order; thus, providing the freshest product available.This ensures that every bag is the same, every time. The highest quality packaging is used to preserve freshness and palatability. All formulas are produced in a factory and warehouse that are thoroughly cleaned and regularly inspected.


  • More available for absorption and more active in the body than sulfates and oxides
  • Marked improvement in coat quality


  • Sprayed on the outside of each kibble, to quickly activate in the digestive system


  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin in ALL of our formulas
  • Balanced Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids (Enhanced with DHA)
  • No by-products and no corn
  • Naturally preserved
  • Protected Vitamin C
  • Natural Anti-Oxidants


  • More than 45 years of pet food manufacturing experience
  • One manufacturing facility creating a consistent product
  • Family-owned business working to build relationships with our customers
  • Unparalleled customer service
Vendors We Love!

Honest Kitchen


  Honest Kitchen’s goal is to ensure your dog and cat is getting the absolute best pet food possible. This happens through the quality of ingredients we use, our careful process of dehydration and our commitment to product quality. Additionally, they are committed to making our community and planet a better place. All this wrapped up in every Honest Kitchen box! Why Choose Dehydrated Pet Food You have a lot of choices when it comes selecting the right pet food […]

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Vendors We Love!

Leashes of Love


Give a homeless dog a new “leash” on life! Leashes of Love is an on-going drive to collect new or gently used leashes and/or collars for dogs rescued by local rescue groups offering safe harbor. Bark is an exclusive drop-off location for donating leashes and collars.

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Dog Food

We Love: Max & Ruffy’s


Searching for a source of honest food for dogs, vegan couple Beth and Kelly, the creators of Max & Ruffy’s, developed an ethical dog treat company that provides hand-baked, organic, compassionate treats. In 2004, they began making food and treats for their three dogs. Beth & Kelly wanted to provide them with ingredients that were organic, human-grade, vegan, and free of the health problems often associated with large-scale commercial dog products. Then one day while walking the dogs in the […]

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