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Halo offers a great holistic alternative diet for protein-sensitive dogs.
They call it their Vegan Garden Medley.

This Halo vegan formula contains no rice. Instead the recipe uses ingredients, such as, chickpeas to offer a lower glycemic index while still providing the same essential nutrients found in diets with meat as the protein source. Halo’s Vegan Garden Medley is an all around complete and balance diet, perfect for any sensitive tummy dog.

KCC Natural Farms


KCC Natural Farms has been farming since 1982. They are a fully inspected, family owned and operated farm located in Forest Hill, Maryland. KCC is committed to producing all natural, healthy, great tasting treats for your pet. These treats are independently safety tested and free of additives, grains, gluten and hormones. All ingredients are grown and sourced in the USA, and everything is processed, packaged and shipped straight from their farm in Maryland–ensuring that the quality of their treats is never compromised by outside sources. KCC freeze dried treats are superior […]

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Earth Animal


Since 1979, Dr. Bob Goldstein has been creating the highest quality products for dogs and cats. Earth Animal started as a small, natural pet food store in Connecticut. They insist on quality and never settle for second best. Because of this philosophy, they chose to manufacture their products in a USDA Inspected Human Food Facility. It all begins in Pennsylvania Farm Country where local farmers keep the tradition of humanely raising animals and organically growing fruits and vegetables. It is a place where time stands […]

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VeRUS Pet Food


VeRUS knows you love your pet and how much they unconditionally love you back. Their mission and focus is on making food with only the highest quality, nutritional ingredients they could find. The nutrition from VeRUS’ products is supplied through whole foods. Their take on holistic is the use of whole meats, whole grains, vitamin antioxidant preservation, incorporation of organic nutrient sources, and chelated minerals. Their foods are carefully crafted to yield the ideal levels of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and micronutrients for […]

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