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What’s New at Bark!

Bark! is excited to announce our new way to help educate and give back to our community! We have organized the year of 2014 to address current topics every three months and how they may even affect you! Not only are we hoping to educate the community but we are giving back to the community as well by matching any of your donations received through Round Up for Charity at all Bark! locations (up to $1000 per store!).

For the months of July, August and September we will be focusing on Opt to Adopt. We will be addressing the benefits of adoption, and how adopting a pet, opposed to buying a pet, can have a positive impact on you and your family, the community and the rescues  and shelters in the surrounding area. All donations over the next 3 months will go towards Dogs XL Rescue and Bella’s Bully Buddies.

To learn more about Opt to Adopt, also visit Pawsitive Action Alliance.




What's New at Bark!

Pawsitive Rewards: The New Frequent Buyer Card


PawsitiveRewards is a new loyalty program offered exclusively by the Bark! stores in Maryland. When you purchase items from any qualifying brands you will receive a reward accumulation equal to 8% of the total amount paid for those qualifying items. You can use your rewards on any future purchase on any item at any Bark! store. Just ask the associate to check your rewards balance and apply your rewards to your purchase. With the Pawsitive Rewards card you don’t have to wait for an […]

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What's New at Bark!

Felli Pet Kaleido Bowls


Gorgeous, bright neon colored dish-ware for pets. Non-slip base for easy handling and to avoid unnecessary movements of the bowl while enjoying the meal. Top of bowl comes out for easy cleaning. Comes in 2 designs, ‘Supreme’ which is a smooth surfaced bowl and ‘Good manners’ with an anti scoff bowl that slows down the eating process to avoid digestive problems with dogs who just can’t wait! Non slip base Made from certified non-toxic material Top comes out for easy […]

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What's New at Bark!

Farmina Pet Food


Farmina is an Italian company that has been making high-quality pet food since 1999, and it is now gracing us with its presence in the US, oh joy! But seriously, the company is expanding into the US, and people are starting to talk about it. Why? Labeling laws are stricter in Europe, so that means that the ingredients in the Farmina brand are more traceable and accountable than in the US. The food in Farmina’s formulas is manufactured by the company itself, and Farmina […]

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What's New at Bark!

NEW Cycle Dog Toys


Cycle Dog Toys are made from a blend of High Durability rubber and post-consumer recycled rubber from bicycle inner tubes. These eco-last toys are the first molded pet toys made from post-consumer recycled materials. The toys are nontoxic, durable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cycle Dog aims to create the world’s best dog products with a focus on the environment and to raise awareness of the millions of bike tubes thrown into landfills every year. Cycle Dog […]

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