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site-logo Smart snacking for our dogs means exactly what it does for us humans:  It’s a lifestyle that’s about enjoying fresh, healthy foods that add nutrients and a delicious variety of flavors to the daily mix. Nugget’s Healthy Eats frozen snacks are not your typical dog “treats” – they offer a daily nutritional boost combined with a refreshing, long-lasting licking experience.

  • Low calorie, low fat
  • Always fresh and handcrafted
  • Never any grains, fillers, added sugars or sodium, gluten, soy or preservatives


Nugget’s savory & hearty Bone Brews are meant to be served frozen (because dogs love licking year-round nmod_head_featured_lto matter the temperature). They can also be thawed for a warm, nourishing cup of broth or added to food as a nutrient-rich topper.

Bone Brews are packed with essential amino acids such as glycine, proline and glutamine that boost health in numerous ways. Rich in gelatin, collagen, cartilage and marrow, real bone broth is known to enhance joint, coat/skin, digestion & immune system health.

Each batch starts with bones from animals humanely raised on open pastures, grass-fed and antibiotic/hormone-free. They roast, then slow-braise the bones in filtered water for more than 30 hours to bring out nature’s rich nutrients. A little organic carrot puree and organic sweet potato puree is added, along with a touch of turmeric and ginger for a super healthy, highly satisfying lickable snack dogs absolutely love.


ARTISAN YOGURTtwo-boxes-new
Made-from-scratch, low fat Smart Snacks Artisan Yogurts are made from milk delivered by happy cows who are hormone/antibiotic-free, grass fed, and enjoy free pasture access. They add 5 strains of live cultures with billions of probiotics for healthy bellies and immune system support. To pack an even greater punch, their fresh and naturally delicious yogurts also contain nature’s colorful “superfruit” ingredients bursting with antioxidants & nutrients. Nugget’s yogurts are made with Kosher and non-GMO ingredients, and their cows are rBST-free.



Nugget’s Healthy Eats are available at all Bark! locations (excluding Catonsville).

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