So many Chews to Choose from!

Bark has a great variety of all natural chews to choose from! From beef tendon to turkey tendon, and from a deer antler to a bison knuckle– we are sure to have just the right chew for your pup!



Not only do Barkworthies treats and chews taste great, they’re good for your pup as well. Always 100% natural, their products are low in fat, high in protein, and contain many essential nutrients your dog needs for a healthy, long life — such as zinc, calcium, manganese and iron. The chews are also highly durable and long lasting. This increased chew time also provides Barkworthies products with amazing dental benefits like removing tartar, preventing plaque build-up and massaging the gums — all of which reduce the risk of disease while cutting down on vet bills. As a small business and an American company, Barkworthies believe in sourcing products and workers from here in the United States. Based in Richmond, VA, Barkworthies features an assortment of Made in the USA products crafted from employees right here on American soil. Additionally, Barkworthies products are all-natural and eco-friendly —  beef products are made from 100% free-range, grass-fed cattle.



Free RangeFR_Moo_BullySticks

At Bark, we offer two lines from Free Range: Moo! and Gobble!. We’ve got your beef tendons (Moo!) and your turkey tendons (Gobble!). Free Range provides beef sourced from Argentina because Argentina does not allow added hormones and antibiotics in cattle that will end up in the food chain, for people or their pets. The cattle  in Argentina are not only grass-fed, but pasture finished as well. Pasture finished cattle are not eating corn; wheat etc. that have been planted with fossil-fuel based fertilizers and sprayed with pesticides. Consider a Gobble! Chews for those pets who have allergies with beef! The Gobble! chews are a great choice for those who are less-aggressive chewers as well, since they are smaller and more tender then the Free Range Moo! line.



Perfect Pet Chew AntlersAntlers

Perfect Pet Antler dog chews are all natural alternative to Beef and Turkey tendon chews. Because it is bone, it is naturally rich in calcium and minerals to enhance your pet’s overall health and well being.  Antler is bone, but unlike skeletal bones that primarily have a soft center, antler is solid bone thereby making it virtually impossible for a dog to break. Antler dog chews will not splinter or shred making them one of the longest lasting natural dog chews available to you. We offer three varieties of antler dog chews: deer, elk and moose. While each variety has some minor variations in composition, the main distinction is made by your pet. The scent for each species is distinct and you may find that your dog enjoys one variety over the others. 

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