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Elimination: Tackling Ticks & Flea Infestations

We like to go au natural at Bark!…especially when it comes to getting those annoying fleas off your fur baby! Those pesky pests really get under our skin, and they cause our pets to get itchy and ill with their troublesome bites. But be prepared, those bugs don’t go down without a fight. Once they’ve found a yummy host animal, fleas will set up a permanent home, raise families, and start up their own Starbucks franchises (okay, maybe not the […]

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Prevention: Bark!’s Favorite Flea and Tick Repellents

There’s nothing creepier than finding an engorged tick latched onto your dog. The damage they can do to our pets, especially the diseases ticks can transmit, make them potentially deadly as well as just creepy. Of course, fleas are a close second. They may not look as bad as ticks, but the sheer numbers of reproducing, feeding fleas are frightening. Prevention Is Best Ideally, preventing both ticks and fleas from using your pet as a breakfast buffet is the wisest […]

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Why We Love Fromm!

Fromm is a Bark!’s fan favorite food and treat brand. We had the chance to experience the FROMM difference first-hand when we took the Fromm Heritage Tour in Wisconsin. During the visit, we learned about the history of the Fromm Family, the innovations they brought to the agricultural and pet food industries, and took a complete tour the Fromm manufacturing facilities.  Along with the history and process was an overlying theme: how community, pets and people are at the heart […]

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