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Trick-or-Treating with Your Dog: Safety Tips

Nite Ize reflective collar

Fall is here! Leaves are starting to fall, temperatures are getting cooler, days are shorter and everything is suddenly pumpkin spice flavored! Not only does dusk set in earlier, but full nighttime darkness does as well. If you’ve ever been driving at night and come across an opossum or raccoon in the road, or even a deer, you know how hard these animals are to see in the dark. Pets can be just as hard to see in the dark […]

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Spotlight on: TREATS!

Cute mutt with treat on his nose

My dogs know exactly where their treats are stored; both the chews (in the upper right hand kitchen cupboard) and their training treats (on a shelf in the refrigerator door). When the bag crinkles or box is opened, their joy is infectious! Treats can serve several purposes in your dog’s life and joy is, of course, one of those. But chews can also help with behavior, can assist in keeping your dog’s teeth clean, and can provide supplements to their […]

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7 MORE Reasons to Love The Honest Kitchen!

The Honest Kitchen fans

 Oh, The Honest Kitchen, how do we love thee. Let us count the ways… well, there are many, so we’ll just stick to seven. So what makes The Honest Kitchen different than the rest? When it comes to food, this company is honest about what goes into theirs. And we think that the more you know about The Honest Kitchen, the more you’ll grow to love them! So here are the top seven reasons why we love The Honest Kitchen […]

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