Bark! Cares 2018 Q2 Donations!

You guys did it again! We are so proud to say that we were just able to donate over $12,000 to last quarter’s rescue partners. With your help, we raised $6,200 for each rescue, Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue and Wings of Love, Kuwait.

To learn more about our Bark! Cares program and how you can help, click here!

Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue

Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue was founded in January of 2018, after having to say goodbye to beloved dog Lion. Lion had been failed by humans all of his life, and his final people vowed to never let another dog go through what Lion had.

Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue is a 501(c)(3) rescue. Their mission is to help save the lives of animals that are in neglectful, abusive, or homeless situations. In addition to giving dogs a second chance to find loving homes, Key to Lion’s Heart also works tirelessly to educate their community on animal welfare. They are a foster and volunteer based rescue and rely solely on donations and fundraising to care for their dogs.

Wings of Love, Kuwait

Wings of Love, Kuwait was founded by Patricia Galore-Riska, a flight attendant who was inspired to start adopting out stray dogs after a flight to Kuwait and a conversation with fellow flight attendant Debbie Grant. Debbie had been working to find homes for stray cats living in Kuwait, and Patricia thought this was such a great idea, she wanted to help the stray dogs as well. In Kuwaiti culture, dogs are not considered to be a “part of the family”, and people tend to get tired of them quickly. This, as you can imagine, causes a dangerous stray dog problem.

When people as Patricia why she rescues dogs from Kuwait, instead of here in the US, her answer is simple: hope. In Kuwait, the government does very little to control the stray dog population and there is very little hope for the abandoned animals. As a flight attendant, Patricia has flown all over the world and says the issue in Kuwait is by far the worst she has seen. To date, Patricia and Wings of Love, Kuwait have facilitated adoptions of more than 425 dogs!

Bark! Cares

Since 2014, Bark! Cares has raised over $113,000 for local rescues and animal charities in our community. With our “Round Up for Charity” program, you can round your purchase amount up to the nearest dollar at any of our 8 locations and those funds will go directly to the organizations we are currently supporting. Bark! also matches up to $1,000 PER STORE each quarter.

To see which organizations we are supporting this quarter, and to read more about the organizations we have supported in the past, please check out our Bark! Cares page.

Thank you again to our amazing customers for allowing us to help so many local animals in need.

The Bark! Team

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