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Bark! Cares 2018 Q2 Donations!

You guys did it again! We are so proud to say that we were just able to donate over $12,000 to last quarter’s rescue partners. With your help, we raised $6,200 for each rescue, Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue and Wings of Love, Kuwait. To learn more about our Bark! Cares program and how you can help, click here! Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue Key to Lion’s Heart Rescue was founded in January of 2018, after having to say goodbye to […]

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Why Do Dogs Tug?

Puppies playing tug of war

Years ago experts recommended that dog owners not play tug games. One of the theories was that it taught dogs to fight their owner. As we’ve learned more about canine behavior, that recommendation has thankfully changed. However, we’re still trying to figure out why exactly dogs tug. These are a few ideas. Dogs Are Predators All dogs at one point were descended from predators who hunted for survival. Although few dogs today need to hunt to eat, most retain the […]

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Why We Love Zignature (and Fussie Cat)

Have you been hearing the term “limited ingredient diet”? For many pet parents, it’s an essential part of their dog’s and cat’s health. A Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) is focused on protein as the first ingredient, with a few choice ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables and lentils, to fill the rest of the bowl. Zignature and Fussie Cat offer a true Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) with a variety of single source protein choices and low sugar content. Zignature and Fussie Cat Zignature is a […]

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Establishing an oral care routine is one of the most important steps you can take to help your pet stay healthy. Check out our myth vs. fact guide to dental care! Myth: Kibble cleans teeth Fact: Kibble can contribute to dental problems because of the starches used to bind kibble together remain on the teeth feeding plaque causing bacteria. Myth: Wet food makes their teeth bad Fact: High quality wet food is actually less likely than dry food to cause plaque […]

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