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Thank you for your continued support and for allowing us to be a part of this amazing community. No matter how big or small, there’s no better feeling than knowing we’ve helped to make a difference in your pets’ lives. 

2101 Somerville Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401・443.214.5647

This morning my dog and I visited your Annapolis store. The lady was so nice and helpful. Smuckers isn’t very friendly but she really enjoyed visiting with her and your store. For once she was well behaved. In fact, she even took Smuckers picture for Instagram. It is already posted. We came in for the Earth Animal no hide chicken chews and blueberry and turkey wraps. Love the chews! She has already finished one chew. We also like the KCC freeze dried chicken. It is so nice buying locally produced and good products.
I wanted to let you know how nice it was to visit your store. Thank you for great service and good products without going to a huge store. It is a pleasure gaining knowledge about the products you purchase in such a nice manner. Pet care and feeding can be confusing. -MY and Smuckers

819 Frederick Rd., Catonsville, MD 21228・443.860.9340

I have a rescued beagle mix that was previously abused. I try to socialize her every chance I get. She is an escape artist with collars and harnesses. On Sunday I bought a new harness for her and when getting it home could not get it sized correctly. Took Lucie and the harness back to meet Matt. He leaned over the counter told me where to measure her and got it all sorted out. He then comes around the counter sits on the floor and gives Lucie some treats in a few minutes she is eating out of his hand and letting him pet her. She has come a long way in one year and it’s with people like Matt that make all the difference in helping her along. I just wanted to let you know what a great helpful employee you have who is truly interested in working with the animals and their owners. I live in Catonsville and will pass this along to everyone who knows Lucie and has helped her on her way. -Thank you, K

5805 Clarksville Square Dr., Clarksville, MD 21029・443.535.0200

About 3 weeks ago, my sweet dog, Abby, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. These days have been difficult and I have worked endlessly to learn everything that I can about her treatment. My holistic vet immediately changed Abby’s diet from dry, grain-free to raw. There are so many options, and now I know that there is so much to look out for! About 2 weeks ago, I called the Clarksville store to see if you carried the brand my vet recommended. I am so thankful and fortunate to have spoken to Ali on that day! She spent time with me on the phone, she was sympathetic to my situation and so friendly and incredibly informative! She told me that she could order the food that I wanted and get it the next day! Unreal! I have a 1 and 3 year old, so not much is easy (or quiet) for us! The next morning we drove to Clarksville, and I was so lucky to meet Ali. What a gift to the pet world she is! She was so pleasant to meet, and taught me so much during my short visit. She answered my many questions, offered ideas, experiences and samples for us to try. I left feeling like I had more answers, and more hope for my Abby! I feel that it is so rare to have such personal, professional and perfect customer service in stores these days. Thank you for such a wonderful experience, thank you for always being a safe and trustworthy store that offers the best for my pets, and most of all, thank you for having Ali at your store, she is truly remarkable! -Your customer for life, HD

235 Kentlands Blvd., Gaithersburg, MD 20878・301.527.8833

I wanted to say that ALL the employees that are working at Bark in Kentlands are really wonderful! I feel very good every time I go there, because each one of them are good, real people, who care about pets and have always helped me with all my questions, and finding the right foods for my cats. Thank you so much for selling this all natural food. I’m so thankful there is a store like this to go to. All of the employees come to the register as soon as I’m ready to check out and ALL of them always remember my name too – so they always remember to check my rewards so that I can use them. Laurie was the first person, back months ago, who told me about the rewards and she helped me sign up – they make such a difference, so I’m very happy she told me about it! I just want to say thank you for all these people who work at Bark, and also for all these natural products and food available for our beloved pets. Thank you very much! -LH

16822 Georgia Ave., Olney, MD 20832・301.774.1944

I went into your Olney Bark! store yesterday to get food for a new dog I am adopting. I had a lot of (probably) annoying questions about dog food, but I had the most helpful salesperson I have ever met. I was very surprised and pleased with how knowledgeable he was about all the brands that you sell in the store. He gave me several sample packets to try to make sure my dog likes the food. And he told me that he felt very confident about the quality of every brand you carried at the store. Yesterday was one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. I hope you realize what a great employee you have. -LW

Silver Spring
10737 Columbia Pk., Silver Spring, MD 20901・240.839.7736

I’m writing to complement the Bark! store on Colesville Drive in Silver Spring. I love that store so much. I first visited that store in October when one of my three dogs was in kidney failure due to a series of veterinary errors. As he was recovering, he had lost 8 of his 38 pounds, and we were trying to find something he would eat. He had no appetite. I tried at least 10 canned dog foods from another store, but he didn’t like any of them. I went to Bark!, and when I explained the situation, the young lady working there suggested GO! canned food. They claim to put the life back into your dog, and I swear GO! had a great deal to do with that. Buster loved it from the beginning, gained back his 8 pounds plus 1, and has made a complete recovery. The food is expensive, but I continue to feed it to all three of my dogs. I really appreciate the case discount. I also appreciate your recent Rewards Card and it’s generous terms. I’m spending almost $200 a month on that food, which is a huge expense for my military family, but our dogs are part of that family. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource staffed by knowledgeable, caring and competent staff, in such a convenient location. -AF

I am writing to express gratitude for the Silver Spring location. The employee took time to fit the Freedom Harness on our 80 pound pit bull. We weren’t sure if we had purchased the right size, so she recommended we bring in our dog so she could fit him herself. She really did a great service for the Freedom Harness company because we’re thrilled with the purchase now that our dog is wearing it correctly. She even tolerated his kisses while fitting him. The other two support staff are also wonderful: very friendly, lots of suggestions, and willing to call around until the right sizes and products are were found. -AG


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