Establishing an oral care routine is one of the most important steps you can take to help your pet stay healthy. Check out our myth vs. fact guide to dental care!

Myth: Kibble cleans teeth

Fact: Kibble can contribute to dental problems because of the starches used to bind kibble together remain on the teeth feeding plaque causing bacteria.

Myth: Wet food makes their teeth bad

Fact: High quality wet food is actually less likely than dry food to cause plaque because they are normally lower in starches that can lead to plaque buildup.

Myth: Dental chews are good enough

Fact: Dental chews are great at helping scrape away plaque buildup, but do not fight the production of plaque and tartar. They should be used in conjunction with other dental products to help kill remaining bacteria that can feed off the leftover starches.

Myth: Bones are bad for teeth

Fact: With proper supervision, bones are just as good if not better than dental chews. They do not contain starches to like dental chews or kibble. In fact, raw bones, smoked bones, bully sticks, etc. have natural enzymes to help fight and kill bacteria. Plus, some cats love bones too! Try a small raw marrow bone for your kitty, you might be surprised how much they dig it.

Myth: My pet won’t let me brush their teeth so I have no other options

Fact: There are many dental alternatives to clean teeth. There are sprays, wipe on gels, powders to add to food, dental chews, raw bones, and more. Ask an associate to help you find the right option for your pet.

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