Why We LOVE Ziwi Peak!

It all starts with green, free-range farms and blue, pristine Southern oceans—we’re talking about New Zealand, and that’s where Ziwi Peak is proudly made. New Zealand’s warm, temperate climate allows animals to be free-range, and grass-fed, all year round. And it’s where Ziwi Peak sources all its ingredients from sustainably- and humanely-managed local farms.

Dog with bag of Ziwi Peak food

Located in the beautiful small coastal town of Mount Maunganui in the North Island of New Zealand, Ziwi Peak carefully crafts a complete and balanced whole-prey diet. All of their recipes are air-dried and contain over 95% fresh meat, organs, bone, and seafood—all sourced from humane, ethical, and sustainable local farms that exceed the strict New Zealand government regulatory standards. The remaining 5% of their recipe consists of essential vitamins and minerals, natural kelp, parsley, chicory inulin, and lecithin for a complete and balanced diet.That doesn’t leave any room for carbs! That’s because carbohydrates can often cause allergies, skin irritations and other health issues.

That means Ziwi Peak’s foods contain absolutely no:

  • grains
  • corn
  • wheat
  • rice
  • soy
  • potatoes
  • sweet potatoes
  • antibiotics
  • artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors

Unique Ingredient: Green-Lipped Mussel

Ziwi Peak also includes a cool ingredient in its recipes—Green-Lipped Mussel, a natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Green-Lipped Mussel nutritionally supports long-term joint health. You’ll also notice Green Tripe on the ingredient label. It’s a natural super-food to assist gut health and digestion. Because green tripe is extremely palatable, easily digested, and gentle on the digestive tract, it’s great for picky eaters or for pets with sensitive stomachs, IBD, and IBS.

Air-Drying for Premium Quality

Ziwi Peak uses an air-drying is a technique that has been used for centuries to naturally preserve meats. This artisan approach eliminates the need for artificial preservatives, sugars, or glycerines. The gentle, twin-stage air-drying process ensures that their food is as nutrient-dense and digestible as a completely raw diet—but also that it’s safe, clean to handle, and can store for up to 21 months. It also eliminates pathogenic bacteria, such as e.coli, salmonella, and listeria, while protecting the natural nutrition of the ingredients.

Another benefit of air drying its recipes is that each bag has a high number of servings. And because this Ziwi Peak is 95% digestible, you feed less, meaning there is less backyard or litter box clean up. These recipes have a high level of slow release metabolized energy, so your dog or cat will feel full and content for longer. This makes Ziwi Peak less expensive to feed than raw, freeze dried, or dehydrated food on a daily basis. Just one scoop (57g or 2oz) of Ziwi Peak’s air-dried recipe provides a minimum of 263kcal. The same serving of premium kibble provides 195kcal (25% less), and the same serving of hydrated premium freeze dried provides 99kcal (63% less).

Stop into your local store soon and talk to any of our friendly associates about the benefits of Ziwi Peak food!

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