NEW! Tidewater Tails Timothy Hay

Located in King George, Virginia on the banks of the Rappahannock River, Tidewater Tails is a family-run bagged forage operation with generations of farming experience. They produce the finest quality hay that is sun cured and dried to the point of optimum moisture content; a process that not only maximizes the nutrient density, but also creates a more flavorful and palatable product. Tidewater Tails hay is never raked or baled, which ensures that all of the “good stuff” makes it to the end user – our customer’s pets!

Timothy Hay is a delicious hay that should be the staple of your pet’s diet. Necessary for maintaining a healthy digestive tract, promoting dental health and regulating weight. It’s also a great choice for pet bedding!

Now available in 2lb and 4lb sizes at all Bark! locations (excluding Catonsville).

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