Supplements: They’re Not Just For Older Dogs

One of the things you love about your dog is the fact that she’s always up for an adventure. She loves to go for a good romp outdoors and she’s always looking for her Frisbee.

But one day you notice she’s starting to slow down. She doesn’t run after the stick; she trots after it. She waits for the Frisbee to land before she grabs it.

Joint Problems

Bones in the shoulders, elbows, knees, hips and other joints have a spongy material called cartilage that acts as a pad between the bones. Cartilage constantly regenerates itself. But over time, as a result of disease, injury, or just years of use, the cartilage can become thinner and dried, making it less effective as a cushion. 

Eventually the bones rub against each other and the surrounding nerves, making the joint very painful every time your dog moves.

Glucosamine nourishes the cartilage to help keep it moist and act as a more effective cushion. It has long been given to dogs suffering from arthritis. But what if you wanted to be proactive instead of reactive? More and more, glucosamine is given to younger dogs to help keep cartilage from breaking down as quickly. Some suggest giving it to very active dogs as young as one or two years old. In Clover Connectin Hip & Joint supplement is a great option for both cats and dogs, made with 99% pure glucosamine. Once you start a glucosamine regimen for your dog, though, be prepared to make it a lifetime program.

Allergy Problems

Supplements may also be helpful for adult dogs suffering from allergies. Omega 3 fatty acids can relieve skin irritations like itchiness, rashes, and swelling. Omega 6 fatty acids also help skin health and can improve your friend’s coat. Both of these may be present in food and can be harmful if given in excess, so be sure to double check your pet’s food content before giving your dog these supplements.

Vitamins A, B, C, and E all can be helpful in strengthening your dog’s immune system, which helps fight off allergens. They can help relieve the allergic symptoms and help make your dog’s skin healthier.

Pet Releaf Hemp Oil droppers and capsules are a great option for inflammation and allergy issues. They contain antioxidants, B vitamins, Omegas 3, 6 and 9 and 20 amino acids! Pet Releaf also offers a topical option: CannaCare. CannaCare is a topical balm for dogs only that can be applied directly to the inflamed or irritated area.

These supplements will help alleviate your dog’s suffering and symptoms, but it is important that you pinpoint the substance causing the allergy. If possible, remove it from your dog’s environment. If that’s not practical, limit your furry friend’s exposure to the allergen as much as possible.

Always Consider Your Pets Food, Too!

If you prepare your dog’s food, it’s really important to make sure they are still getting all of the nutrition they need to live a healthy and happy life. Come in and chat with one of our pack members to decide what, if any, supplements your dog needs to maintain her health.

Your dog is your friend, companion, and protector. You want her to be happy, healthy, and comfortable for as many years as possible. If you give her proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, regular visits to the vet, and supplements as needed, your furry buddy will have a wonderful life at your side.

By: Pam Hair

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